A project by Nordine Sajot
Curated by Latitudo Art Projects

March 11, 14 and 18, 2024 | Galline Bianche Library, Rome

After winning the European Community Co-create & Comprehend award, with Latitudo Art Projects we returned to the Labaro neighborhood for three days of art workshops together with Nordine Sajot. During three afternoons in March, together with artist Nordine Sajot, we were guests in the spaces of the Galline Bianche Library. Her work explores the anthropological aspect of society, focusing on the body, language and global consumption, with particular attention to equality and female identity.

Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale, The Princess on the Pea, was the central theme of each workshop day. Nordine Sajot, through her Princess series, explores the story as an identity element of our collective Western unconscious, in relation to body, consumption, poetics and nature. The idea for these workshop days arose precisely from the investigation carried out by the artist on these themes.

The Princess on the Pea

During the first day, held on Monday, March 11, participants brought to life their interpretation of the story after reading the fairy tale. They imagined and drew a table setting that became the stage for their creative ideas, thus contributing to the creation of a collective drawing that told their shared vision of the story.

On the second day, Thursday, March 14, participants deepened their understanding of the characters in Andersen’s fairy tale, focusing on the episode of an imagined dinner party and examining the movements and gestures of the diners. They made elements inspired by Nordine Sajot’s work, thus capturing the dynamics of the meal.

Finally, during the third day, held on Monday, March 18, participants delved into the characterization of individual characters in the fairy tale, creating unique portraits of the protagonists.

All the previously created elements were then combined to create the final work, where the table setting, elements and characters merged into a unique visual narrative, thus offering a new and original vision of the Princess on the Pea fairy tale.