From 2015 one of Latitudo’s core business is Contemporary  Art: thanks to the curator Benedetta Carpi De Resmini, creation, promotion and the effort in spreading art and educational projects represent the key words of our daily work. Our goal is to give shape to both ideas and dreams, making them tangible. Latitudo Art Project is promoting culture at 360 degrees, with an eye to the future and internationality, giving voice to young talents and encouraging them in the discovery of Art and putting them in dialogue with the great masters of our past.

Latitudo use a creative, participative and multidisciplinary approach to develop sustainable and actually feasible projects and experiences, in art, architecture and different sectors.



  • Sustain and improve creativity abilities in artistic and cultural production sector’s.
  • Promote a constant know-how exchange through follow-up meetings and sharing moments
  • Encourage cultural exchanges and sustain brilliant young minds.
  • Involve young audience aiming at a more active participation.
  • Promote and develop the social and cultural fabric
  • Enlarge the cultural offer on our territory involving different speakers


Giovanni Zipoli
Director and General Manager

Benedetta Carpi De Resmini
Latitudo Art Projects Director and Senior Curator

Giulia Pardini
Projects Coordinator and Young Curator

Chiara Mirabella
Administrative Office 
Latitudo Exhibition Services

Gianni Moretti
Alessio Spasiano
Technical Department

Emanuele Ardolino


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f +39 06 97618391


Luis do Rosario

Sabrina Vedovotto
Social Media Curator

Isabella Mancioli
Web and Graphic Designer

Micòl D’Andrea
Communication and Marketing Manager