We are a creative and dynamic team. We create and realize experimental projects, promoting art at 360°. We generate exhibitions, projects, residencies and workshops in which media and genres meet, collide and contaminate each other in a constant dialogue.
We employ a creative, participatory and multidisciplinary approach in order to conceive and realize projects that are sustainable and achievable in art and architecture fields. Our intent is to listen to artists, support them and work synergistically to realize dynamic and unique experiences.
Our intent is to describe the world while revealing the artists alongside art and stories, emotions and people behind ideas.



  • Co-create, conceive, experiment and realize artistic, social and cultural projects
  • Promote art and culture with an innovative and involving approach
  • Sustain and improve creativity abilities in artistic and cultural production sector’s
  • Promote a constant know-how exchange through follow-up meetings and sharing moments
  • Encourage cultural exchanges and sustain brilliant young minds
  • Involve young audience aiming at a more active participation
  • Promote and develop the social and cultural fabric
  • Enlarge the cultural offer on our territory involving different speakers


Benedetta Carpi De Resmini
Direttrice Latitudo Art Projects

Giovanni Zipoli
Direttore e Amministratore

Paola Farfaglio
Coordinamento progetti e Curatrice Junior

Chiara Mirabella
Amministrazione e progettazione europea

Veronica Pasetto
Social Media Manager e Comunicazione

Alessio Spasiano
Ufficio Tecnico

Gianni Moretti
Ufficio Tecnico

Stefano Pasqualoni
Ufficio Tecnico