đź•’Have you ever heard about the “15-minute city”?
đź•’Have you ever tried to get around a city in 15 minutes?
đź•’How many things can you do in 15 minutes in your neighborhood?

To answer all these questions, from next Friday afternoon (Dec. 16, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.) until the end of May we will be in the Labaro – Prima Porta neighborhood. More precisely, we will be guests of the Biblioteca Galline Bianche (Viale delle Galline Bianche 105 – 00188) to carry out a series of workshops together with lots of artists:

ZINELAB – curated by Jacopo Natoli
STORYLAB – curated by Marco Raparelli
BODYLAB – curated by Chiara Mu
SOUNDLAB – curated by John Cascone
COLORLAB – curated by Isabella Mancioli and Luis Do Rosario

👉 Follow us to learn more or:
write to communication@latitudoartprojects.net
call +39 3331245191



Benedetta Carpi De Resmini
Direttrice Latitudo Art Projects

Giovanni Zipoli
Direttore e Amministratore

Paola Farfaglio
Coordinamento progetti e Curatrice Junior

Chiara Mirabella
Amministrazione e progettazione europea

Marina Pietrocola
Communication Consultant

Veronica Pasetto
Social Media Manager e Comunicazione

Alessio Spasiano
Ufficio Tecnico

Gianni Moretti
Ufficio Tecnico

Stefano Pasqualoni
Ufficio Tecnico