15LAB is a participatory art project that ran from December 2022 to May 2023 in the Labaro neighborhood thanks to the support of the Libraries of Rome.

Five cycles of activities and workshops dedicated to children and youth were held at the Galline Bianche Library by artists John Cascone, Jacopo Natoli, Chiara Mu, Marco Raparelli and photographers Luis Do Rosario and Isabella Mancioli.

Each workshop with a multidisciplinary character turned into an experiential moment, where participants shared space and time through creativity, exploring together, creating the works that will be presented on Friday, May 26, starting at 5 p.m.

The afternoon program includes:

  • Presentation of the publication Figuraccie and fanzines created together with artist Jacopo Natoli
  • Presentation of the publication Guarda mamma! Io, scribacchio made with drawings by the young participants and artist Marco Raparelli, followed by the creation of a collective artwork
  • The ColorLab exhibition composed of photographs taken by the children together with photographers Isabella Mancioli and Luis Do Rosario
  • The collective action Pronto Soccorso delle Emozioni conceived by artist Chiara Mu together with workshop participants, involving the participation of children and parents
  • Preview screening of the video Ignoto, Sconosciuto, Altrove made by workshop participants together with artist John Cascone

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đź•’Have you ever heard about the “15-minute city”?
đź•’Have you ever tried to get around a city in 15 minutes?
đź•’How many things can you do in 15 minutes in your neighborhood?

To answer all these questions, from next Friday afternoon (Dec. 16, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.) until the end of May we will be in the Labaro – Prima Porta neighborhood. More precisely, we will be guests of the Biblioteca Galline Bianche (Viale delle Galline Bianche 105 – 00188) to carry out a series of workshops together with lots of artists:

ZINELAB – curated by Jacopo Natoli
STORYLAB – curated by Marco Raparelli
BODYLAB – curated by Chiara Mu
SOUNDLAB – curated by John Cascone
COLORLAB – curated by Isabella Mancioli and Luis Do Rosario

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write to communication@latitudoartprojects.net
call +39 3331245191



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Coordinamento progetti e Curatrice Junior

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Amministrazione e progettazione europea

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Social Media Manager e Comunicazione

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