A project by Cosimo Veneziano
Curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

Jan. 29-Feb. 10, 2018, AlbumArte, Rome

This is the first solo exhibition in Rome of the artist Cosimo Veneziano (Moncalieri 1983, lives and works in Leeds, UK), who brings to Rome a group of works that reason on the concept of monument and body. The title that the curator wanted for the exhibition “Rompi la Finestra e Ruba i Frammenti!”  (Break the window and steal the fragments!) is inspired by a work by Lithuanian sculptor Mindaugas Navakas, which is intended as a playful reflection on what the history of sculpture/monument, associated with the work of Cosimo Veneziano, represents today. The work on monuments and the changing fate of the public work out of its temporal or political context, what a monument of the past represents when the prevailing mentality changes and the actual facts of a place or nation change, has always generated fruitful reflections.