A project by Gaia Scaramella
Curated by Latitudo Art Projects

7 December 2023 | La Nuvola, Rome

Latitudo Art Projects was hosted by the Libraries of Rome at Più Libri Più Liberi, the fair for small and medium-sized publishers, with an art workshop realised with artist Gaia Scaramella. Together we conducted the workshop If You Don’t See Me, Read Me Inside in which starting with the collage technique, the participants explored and discovered new aspects of themselves and others. The focal point of the workshop was the idea of masks as a tool for exploring identity and connecting with others.

Thanks to the masks, the children experienced a unique moment of freedom, temporarily deprived of a specific personal entity, they adopted new perspectives, immersing themselves in a process of identification with the other.

The playful and interactive dimension of the workshop helped create an inclusive and stimulating environment, where spontaneity and originality took over. If You Can’t See Me, Read Me Inside was an art workshop that pushed the boundaries of conventional art, offering a unique opportunity for personal exploration and human connection through artistic expression.