Curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini and Layma Kreivyte

MAGMA project, the title of which recalls that of one of the first feminist exhibitions curated by Romana Loda in 1977, investigates the birth and origin of feminist art and feminism in Italy, making a comparison with the origins and conditions of Lithuanian feminism, which emerged in much more recent years. The exhibition thus opens up new and documented study perspectives for one of the most original and controversial pages of our recent history. The title also refers to the living matter burning under the earth, but it can be read and broken down into different syllables: MA – MA referring to the woman as mother and the G in the middle referring to a woman’s body.

The exhibition explores how the use of the body and the word were used for the first time as a means of struggle for political and artistic conquests. MAGMA highlights the creative processes of artists active from 1965 to the present day, in Italy and Lithuania. The installations, videos, performances, photographs, collages made from newspaper cuttings, posters and books on display outline the image of total art, creating new viewpoints from which to observe the multiform interpenetration of image, verbal sign and graphic sign.

A section of the exhibition will also be dedicated to the production of artist’s books, flyers, magazines and posters, tools necessary to distinguish the different approaches demonstrated by the feminist component of the Italian and Lithuanian movements. During the period of the exhibition there were events related to the study of the subject, round tables, film screenings and a series of historical performances by the most representative artists of the movement.

For the occasion, a catalogue of over 300 pages was published by Quodlibet (English – Italian) with essays by the two curators and texts by the scientific committee composed of Giuseppe Garrera, Laura Iamurri and Angelandreina Rorro, Giedrė Jankevičiūtė as well as texts by important critics in the field, Daniela Ferrari, Raffaella Perna, Audronė Zukauskaitė, Lolita Jabloskiene, Maria Antonella Fusco and Antonella Renzitti.

Italian Artists

Mirella Bentivoglio (Klagenfurt, 1922  – Roma, 2017)
Tomaso Binga (Salerno, 1931)
Irma Blank (Celle, 1934)
Amelia Etlinger (Albany, 1933 – Clifton Park, 1987)
Giosetta Fioroni (Roma, 1932)
Chiara Fumai (Roma, 1978 – Bari, 2017)
Nicole Gravier (Arles, 1949)
Ketty La Rocca (La Spezia, 1938 – Firenze, 1976)
Maria Lai (Ulassai, 1919 – Cardedu, 2013)
Lucia Marcucci ( Firenze, 1933)
Paola Mattioli (Milano, 1948)
Libera Mazzoleni (Milano, 1949)
Verita Monselles (Buenos Aires, 1929 – Firenze, 2005)
Elisa Montessori (Genova, 1931)
Anna Oberto (Ajaccio, 1934)
Cloti Ricciardi (Roma, 1939)
Suzanne Santoro (Brooklyn, 1947)
Patrizia Vicinelli (Bologna, 1943-1991)
Simona Weller (Roma, 1940)


Curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini and Layma Kreivyte

25 January – 02 April 2018, Istituto Centrale per la Grafica, Rome

Lithuanian artists

Jurga Barilaitė (Vilnius, 1972)
Eglė Ganda Bodganienė (Vilnius, 1962)
Violeta Bubelytė (Vilnius, 1956)
Cooltūristės (Vilnius, 2005)
Coro Collective
Laura Garbštienė (Vilkija, 1973)
Marija Gimbutas (Vilnius, 1921-San Francisco, 1994)
Karla Gruodis (Toronto, 1965)
Kristina Inčiūraitė (Šiauliai, 1974)
Justė Janulytė (Vilnius, 1982)
Eglė Kuckaitė (Kupiškis, 1969)
Lina Lapelytė (Vilnius, 1984)
Aurelija Maknytė (Kaštonėliai, Širvintų r., 1969)
Paulina Pukytė (Vilnius, 1966)
Eglė Rakauskaitė (Vilnius, 1967)
Eglė Ridikaitė (Kupiškis, 1966)
Marija Teresė Rožanskaitė (Linkuva, 1933 – Vilnius, 2007)
Laisvydė Šalčiūtė (Kaunas, 1964)
Eglė Vertelkaitė (Vilnius, 1967)


Curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini and Layma Kreivyte

15 April – 04 June 2017, National Gallery of Vilnius, Vilnius