MagiC Carpets is a platform, co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme, uniting 15 European partners, with the Kaunas Biennial as leading partner.

The name of the project was conceived by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini – it’s a reference to the well-known tale of One Thousand and One Nights and to the idea of the magic or flying carpet, a “fantastic device” to travel the world in the blink of an eye. Scheherazade’s creativity and imagination, used to tell stories to intrigue and engage her husband, here become a convincing metaphor of the power of culture, to turn mistrust and confrontation into intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding, respect and even love.  Magic Carpets it’s an awareness-raising project aiming at growing a sense of belonging, wherein people beyond their origin, would be able to create a network starting from those classification process coming from the logic of the old masterpieces of our childhood. One of the goal of the project is to broaden worldviews of young emerging talents by sharing different local identities throughout residency projects. Every year during the entire project the   artists involved  will be selected by an open call and each partner will pick two emerging artists per year. The selected artists will be asked to carry out an inquiry which may involve local communities; at the end of each residency they will be invited to realize a site-specific project.

Flash Art

Czech and Slovak Edition. No 5 | Vol. XIV – 2019 | Special Issue: Magic Carpets


Curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

5 November 2021 – 23 January 2022

Kaunas (Lithuania) – European Capital of Cuture 2022


5 November 2021 – 23 January 2022
Kaunas (Lithuania) – European Capital of Culture 2022

“Fifteen international partner
57 artists
One exhibition
…constantly mutating”

The international exhibit MagiC Carpets Landed is coming to Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 from 5 November 2021 to 23 January 2022. This is the final event of the four-year project MagiC Carpets, co-financed by Creative Europe, designed to boost visibility for emerging artists throughout Europe. This journey around Europe, with its gaze set on the future, actively involved young audiences and local communities in the fifteen partner countries.

The title and concept for the MagiC Carpets platform came from an idea of the curator, Benedetta Carpi De Resmini, art critic, curator and art director of Latitudo Art Projects. The exhibition will present the work of 57 European artists who, over the four years of the project, provided specific artistic interpretations of the residence locations in different countries.

In Kaunas, each artist will provide reflections on pertinent topics such as marginalization, crossing borders, nationalism, and migration. The common thread connecting the various sections the curator organised the exhibit into, however, is really the social energy that brings out movements of change within communities.

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MagiC Catalogue

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The MagiC Exhibition


Curated by Paola Farfaglio and Marina Pietrocola with the Artistic Direction of Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

10 June 2021, Corviale Rome

in collaboration with MARÍA ÁNGELES VILA TORTOSA

Performer in residence Yaryna Shumska


10 June 2021, Corviale Rome
Artist in Residence Yaryna Shumska – Local Artists Guendalina Salini
in collaboration with María Ángeles Vila Tortosa

For the fourth year of the MagiC Carpets international project – co-financed by the Creative Europe Large Scale Programme, we decided to immerse ourselves in history and myth with a lively and contemporary look.

This year’s project, entitled TERRA MATER, aims to build together a new myth of Corviale. It stems from the idea of rediscovering the myth of the great goddess Ceres, with the community of the Municipality XI, and getting up to the mythological foundations of the City, in order to investigate the broader concept to which the goddess of the harvest and abundance is linked: the regeneration.

We are working with Guendalina Salini (local artist) and Yaryna Shumska (artist in residence) to interpret space and daily life in the urban area of Corviale as complex as it is full of inspiration.

We organized three days of creative workshops with the community and the support of local associations and the artist María Ángeles Vila Tortosa. Our intent was to build together movements and actions which will animate the Serpentone Corviale during the final event which will take place on Thursday 10 June 2021.

During the event, the Serpentone will bring to life with performances, installations, and musical presentations, spread over five stops of a soundwalk led by Guendalina Salini in collaboration with many artists and musicians.

At the end of the walk, we will gather at Teatro Corviale, a space designed as an urban amphitheatre, which will host a final performance created by Yaryna Shumska with a group of women from the neighbourhood. Soil and the sprouts of aromatic plants will feature in this performance, recalling themes of fertility and regeneration linked to the goddess Ceres, whose cult was practiced in antiquity where Municipio XI is today.

Fertility will also feature in an installation by the Spanish artist María Ángeles Vila Tortosa, created during the workshops with neighbourhood residents, set up in the Amphitheatre.

To participate in Guendalina Salini’s soundwalk: reservations must be made by emailing and visitors must have a smartphone and headphones.


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Guendalina Salini

Yaryna Shumska

María Ángeles Vila Tortosa


Curated by Giulia Pardini with the Artistic Direction of Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

30 September – 02 October 2020,Polisportiva Trullo, Rome

Artist in Residence MYKOLAS JOUDELE | Local Artists SARA BASTA – JOHN CASCONE


30 September – 02 October 2020, Neighbourhood Trullo, Rome
Artist in Residence Mykolas Juodele – Local Artists Sara Basta and John Cascone

From the southwest outskirts of the capital, here is La Fantastica, the third edition of the international project Magic Carpets, co-financed by the Creative Europe Large Scale Programme and, this year, including artist’s residences and workshops in the urban areas of the Trullo and the Corviale and a vibrant closing festival, from 30 September to 2 October 2020. Sara Basta, John Cascone and Mykolas Juodele are the artists invited to contribute to La Fantastica, an idea from Benedetta Carpi De Resmini, creator and Artistic Director of Magic Carpets for Latitudo Art Projects, and workshops with the residents of the two neighbourhoods, curated by Giulia Pardini.  The goal: to bring out individual and collective creativity by producing new images and new stories to reflect the real experience of their neighbourhoods and imagine new forms of coexistence. During the Festival took place workshops, performances and walks that invited the people to explore the dynamic and vibrant neighbourhood of Trullo.

On September 30 the artist Sara Basta organized a Sewing workshops with colorful fabrics and creative words taken by Gianni Rodari at Ottavo Lotto, Trullo.

On October 1 a photography workshop was run by Mykolas Juodele at polisportiva Trullo and down the streets of the neighbourhood. The presentation on preview of the video “La Fondazione (segreta) del Trullo” , first part of the overall project “Metamorfica” by John Cascone.

On October 2, final Day of the Festival: La Fantastica ended with a collective walk down Trullo’s streets discovering Sara Basta‘s artworks, with the female coir Brancoro.
During the path, the public met the “Spore”, the second part of “Metamorfica”, the artwork by John Cascone that ended at Polisportiva Trullo with a performance and a videoinstallation.
After, the photo installation by Mykolas Juodele made during his research in the neighbourhood Corviale was presented.

Each artist, during the final event of the Festival had presented his own research:

Street Kids, by Mykolas Juodele, sound installation and photos’ review realized in Corviale district

Metamorfica, by John Cascone, presented in 3 parts: La Fondazione (segreta) del Trullo, video documentation realized thanks to the stories collected during the workshop; Spore and I sette Movimenti performances realized down the streets of Trullo and at Polisportiva Trullo.

Moto perpetuo cominatorio, by Sara Basta, realized thanks to the results of sewing workshops and a video installation.

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John Cascone

Sara Basta

Mykolas Juodele


Curated by Giulia Pardini with the artistic direction of Benedetta Carpi De Resmini
17 – 22 june 2019, Accademia di Belle Arti , Rome


17 – 22 june 2019, Accademia di Belle Arti , Rome

For the 2019 edition, entitled Flowing Cities, the two selected artists Yves Mettler, from Berlin partner ZK/U and Patricia Geraldes, from Portuguese partner Ideias Emergentes,    will explore this year’s theme, gentrification and suburban areas. The artists will work on the transformation going on in certain urban areas in the margins of the Capital, in close contact with local communities. More in detail Latitudo chose  the Corviale and Laurentino 38, two residential complexes in Rome designed in the 1970s, inspired by great architectural experimentations in the post-war period. Lacking services and separated from the city for almost forty years, these large suburban centres are still blocks of cement.

However, a change has started around them, which involves urban identity and social fabric, stimulated by new forms of community participation. As for the first year of Magic Carpets even this year two Italian artist have been chosen among the platform to develop a residence project connected to the territories, starting that way an open dialogue with the community: Elena Mazzi selected by the German partner ZK/U in Berlin and Virginia Zanetti was selected by the Portuguese partner Ideias Emergentes.

Yves Mettler has realized a workshop at the Laurentina Library  Centro Culturale Elsa Morante primary school pupils. The goal was to create a fantasy comic which tell us, thanks to the children’s view  the Laurentino 38 neighbourhood , with the children, and at the same time stroll and discover the curiosities and secrets of the neighbourhood with the locals.

The comic is available at the following link

Patricia Geraldes together with an heterogeneous group of child, teenagers and elders organized laboratories at the Centro per le Arti contemporanee Mitreo Iside. Each participant, using various papers and materials created their own personal diary built on the memories related with the Corviale neighbourhood. The works will be exhibited on a final show that will take place from the 17th the 22nd of June  at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma.


Patricia Geraldes

Yves Mettler


Curated by Giulia Pardini with the artistic direction of Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

17 – 21 september 2018, AlbumArte, Rome


Curated by Giulia Pardini with the artistic coordination of Benedetta Carpi De Resmini
17 – 21 september 2018, AlbumArte, Rome


To conclude this first year of residences the two young artists Hrvoslava Brkušić (Croatia) e Melanie Garland (Chile) have carried out an exhibit entitled The Others.

The artists worked on the not belonging issue which is part of each of us, especially the youth of today. The exhibition, dedicated to the works realized by the two artist during their stay in Rome,  has been built  around the symbol of the home that doesn’t belong to us. The non-place, the sense of not belonging is part of each of us, privately and collectively, and especially of those that migrate, moving from their places of origin, seeking fortune and a new life elsewhere. On exhibit a long timeline tells, thanks to the photographs by Luis Do Rosario, the Italian residences of  Brkušić e Garland. The photographer followed the artists during their residences in Rome, testifying their inquiry, their meetings and, thanks to his precious photo shoots, gave us  the perfect idea of their journey in Italy. The timeline is moreover enriched by the photos shot during the Grossi Maglioni and Gian Maria Tosatti residences, kindly given by Novo Kulturno Naseleje e New Theatre Institute of Latvia, mixed with sketches, drawings and various materials, witnesses of their inquiry and visions.


Hrvoslava Brkušić

Melanie Garland



Kaunas Biennial (Kaunas / Lithuania) – Coordinating Entity and Leading Partner
ZKU / KUNSTrePUBLIC (Berlin / Germany)
Folkestone Fringe (Folkestone / UK)
Latitudo srl (Rome / Italy)
New Theatre Institute of Latvia (Riga / Latvia)
LAB 852 (Zagreb / Croatia)
Prague Biennale (Prague / Czech Republic)
EVA International – Ireland’s Biennial (Limerick / Ireland)
META Cultural Foundation (Bucharest / Romania)
Jam Factory Art Center (Lviv/ Ukraine)
Tblisi Photo Festival (Tbilisi / Georgia)
Ideias Emergentes (Porto / Portugal)
Novo Kulturno Naselje (Novi Sad / Serbia)
Openspace.Innsbruck (Innsbruck / Austria)
Trempolino (Nantes / France)