Freedom in Rights Identities Driven trough Art and Sport

A project conceived by Latitudo Art Projects
in collaboration with U.S. Primavera Rugby (Italy-Rome) and Ragbi Klub Nada (Croatia-Split).
Associate Partners: ABA Roma, CONI and FIR


The project FRIDAS – Freedom in Rights Identities Driven through Art and Sport is a winner of the Erasmus + call, small-scale partnerships in the field of Sport. FRIDAS aims to combat gender stereotypes and support the inclusion of women in the world of sport, especially in those sports, such as rugby, that have traditionally been characterised by a strong male dominance. The project also aims to combat social exclusion by involving groups of adolescents living in precarious conditions by introducing them into the world of sport through educational and creative activities.

The innovative character of the project lies in the choice of a multidisciplinary approach in which contemporary art intervenes to promote physical and mental health, combating social exclusion and gender discrimination through sport. The common thread is artist John Cascone‘s project, in which the artistic component becomes a tool to explore and break down barriers, emphasising rugby movements with a special focus on performance art. Performance art will create a link between athletic gestures and artistic movements, transforming the rugby’s rugged contact into a metamorphic moment of knowledge and confrontation.

FRIDAS targets young people between the ages of 12 and 16. The project involves members of the two rugby clubs, teenagers from disadvantaged families, including Ukrainian refugees housed in foster homes.