A projects curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

January 18, 2017, Albumarte, Rome

Exploring…Step1 is a project that originated with the intention of analysing multiform works. The event, realised at the AlbumArte spaces, hosted a projection, a performance and a meeting.

The event was opened by the screening of the film Chasing Boundaries Vilnius (2016, 35 min.) by Zaelia Bishop and Emanuele Napolitano.

To follow, Yes. Really!, the performance by Lina Lapelytė, a young Lithuanian artist. In her action, two spheres of expression coexist and influence each other, contemporary art and music. Lapelytė is inspired by popular, folk music, connected to the research and exploration of the semantics of words. The instrument of song is turned into an object of play to create connections and references between music and words, between the musicality of notes and the phonetics of words. Lina Lapelytė emerges as one of the most promising contemporary artists on the international scene. Her work makes use of the body, action, melodrama as well as symphonic music, to open up to a social contextualisation and linked to the present time.

Exploring…Step1 ended with a meeting with the artists, curator Benedetta Carpi De Resmini, Lolita Jablonskienė (Chief curator of the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius) and artist Laima Kreivytė, in cooperation with the Lithuanian Cultural Institute.