GRAND TROU – Spaces | Non Spaces #1

A project by Alis/Filliol
Curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

March 19 – May 15, 2013, Ex Elettrofonica Gallery, Rome

SPACES | NON SPACES is a project conceived by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini for Ex Elettrofonica understood as a non-place, according to Marc Augé’s conception, as a node or network of a world without borders, a place where one can get lost and find oneself at the same time. In a city like Rome, characterized by history and time, non-places open up openings in which space, no longer divided into borders, opens up to new shared experiences. The non-place thus becomes a positive element to contrast with the idea of belonging linked to one’s roots, in which the void, left by the new global society, does not only create alienated spaces, but places in which to recognize oneself and create new phases of design and evolution.

SPACE | NON SPACE is the first appointment and is dedicated to Alis/Filliol, aka Davide Gennarino and Andrea Respino, a duo born in Turin in 2007. Their artistic research revolves around sculpture in the more traditional sense of a technique that offers unexpected and most often unknown potentialities, leading to processual clashes that imply the need to involve one and the other in the act of realization.