From April 17th 2020 on YouTube

Latitudo Art Projects presents on its YouTube channel and social media the new project Rodari OnLine. Evening readings, from an idea of Benedetta Carpi De Resimini. Starting from the stories of Gianni Rodari, that let many generations of children to dream, we will travel online.

Rodari’s tales still have the power to enchant and gather together distant words, even in this time.
We have asked to artists and children to read, reinterpret and perform some excerpts from Rodari’s tales and nursery rhymes to which they feel particularly linked or which activate a special remembrance to them. Artists are like kids, they know the secret of working with words and transform imaginatively them in order to lead us to travel into tales.

The kids lead us in a fabulous word without fear through their voices and interpretation.

We want to thank all the artists and personalities who have decided to give their contribution for this initiative. Here is the complete list:


24 June – 24 October 2020, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome 

During the exhibition From Munari to Rodari at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, June 16 – October 24, 2020, promoted by the Committee for the celebrations of the Rodari’s Year established by Libraries of Rome and in collaboration with Corraini Edizioni, Rodari Online – Letture della Sera is hosted at the Bookstore of Palazzo delle Esposizioni, starting from June 24th until October 24th 2020.

All 21 videos of Italian artists and 10 videos of Lithuanian artists are collected in a single video.
The video is visible on two monitors set up inside the Bookstore where books dedicated to the “From Munari to Rodari” exhibition are currently on show.